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Felicia Dininno Recommends Marie Stinson-Wade, Esq.

Real professionals - The Law Offices of Kenny and Stinson - Honest, trustworthy and very straight forward. In unvarnished truth they will tell you exactly where you stand and what direction you should go. They have firmness coupled with a degree of tenderness but never losing site of the end goal, which is to protect, defend and have the best outcome for their clients. That being said - I would like to thank both Marie Stinson and Charles Kenny for having handled a most difficult case for my daughter and I, for personal injury. A very complex case that required extensive negotiations with both problematic defense attorneys and insurance companies. Marie and Chuck were relentless, they never waived, were not intimidated, and stood ground until they received the very best outcome for both my daughter and I. I highly recommend this Law Firm for ALL your needs. My attorneys for life

– Felicia Dininno